Welcome to my professional page!

Welcome to my professional page. I'm Thomas Mottl, an internet programmer from the United States. I constantly refine my programming abilities, and I'm currently focusing a lot on JavaScript (not Java, please don't confuse them). I have some examples of my code on the examples page.


  • 2 years of JavaScript
  • 6 years of PHP / MySQL
  • 8 years of HTML / CSS
  • 5 years of ActionScript (I no longer use this)
  • Some experience with Java
  • General computer experience (I've been using computers on a higher level since I was 13; I'm currently 22)

Things you should know

  1. Although I prefer coding without extra tools, I am willing to adapt to most frameworks.
  2. I am willing to answer questions and give general advice about the languages listed for no charge. I won't code for free, though.

Contact Me

If you have any quick questions, or you have a job to be done, feel free to contact me. I will try my best to respond to all legitimate queries.

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